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URL Shortening – WTF happened to

I have been using several URL Shortening services for years now. Several different platforms offer a variety of options and features. Although I had initially gravitated toward from StumbleUpon, this has lately become one of my biggest frustrations when trying to smooth sail on the Internet.

I like a lot because you could not only shorten the link, but their shortened links also gave us a lot more hits than the others. On top of that, once you shortened a long URL into a short link, it would appear on the screen below and you could quickly and easily Stumble it on StumbleUpon, giving it a larger audience potential.

I got in the habit of setting up accounts for all of my clients, so they could easily share links, recycle them, and see a growing statistical number of hits. Lately, I am regretting it. For one, I cannot sign in and out of another account on StumbleUpon and without clearing out my cookies and cache. It is ridiculous. I log out of, then it asks me if I would like to log out StumbleUpon, I click that button and then I am taken to another screen to click another button to finally log out at last. But it is not over yet. I go to log in with another account and as soon as I hit log in, it logs me into the previous users account. And tonight, I could not even log in to with any account, it just kept kicking me back to StumbleUpon. An Abomination!!

I really hope their developers fix soon. For now I am going to or one of the others that are on the market today including,, TinyURL,,, or actually whatever else that actually works.

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