The block construction of Etherna allows for very easy content creation. Some things just cannot be made easier.

The infamous bookmarking platform Digg was at the top of their game years ago. Then came the redesign and it became less popular. Now the new version has been released and hatred toward it is brewing throughout social media. All of their indexed pages (14 million +) are now 404 errors. The previous rule was that by bookmarking with Digg, your content was indexed at a much quicker rate than even Google indexing, but things have changed, and their links are not even showing up much anymore on the search engines.

So today I went to visit Digg to submit a link and their system has changed again. I was not allowed to sign in under my regular account, and was prompted to sign in with Facebook. Their explanation was: “Using Facebook for account registration is a short-term solution that will seriously cut down on spam.” I tried to find a go-around, so I clicked on the “Submit a Link” button and it gave me a Facebook and Twitter option as you can see in the screenshot above.

Social Sign In is becoming the rule for new sites where users make accounts. It is much easier to sign in with Twitter or Facebook since most of the time we are already logged into these platforms. So all we have to do is grant access on Twitter or FB and we are a part of this new site.  Plus, the social sign in makes it that much easier to share on the networks. Digg is not new to this, but I have never seen a site go from having an account to full social sign in only. Maybe it is the new strategy of Digg to make bookmarking more social and with high hopes of folks being more likely to share. I hope it works for them and I look forward to seeing what else they have in store, hopefully something much better.

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